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Why Oil Is Set To Explode in 2018

From the OIl & Gas Energy Investor, Dr. Kent Moors Author

These days, most media pundits, market analysts, money managers, and investment advisors would have you think there’s no money to be made in energy with oil trading at $56 a barrel.

But they couldn’t be more wrong.

With demand for gasoline at a record high in the U.S., and with some of the largest OPEC players undergoing radical, systemic and economic changes, energy markets are going to be on fire going into 2018 and beyond.

And all the while, the U.S. has been setting itself up to be the next global energy leader.

In fact… the investment opportunities right now dwarf anything the energy world has seen before.

We’re talking about breathtaking profit potential in every type of fuel imaginable.

But that doesn’t mean investing in just any energy company you come across will make you money.

In fact, that’s a recipe for disaster.

But there are a few ways that you can safely navigate this sector and set yourself up for massive returns down the line.

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04. February 2018 · Comments Off · Categories: News

Rockhound has had several good shallow oil wells completed recently.

  • Day- Shallow San Andres Discoveries
    •  Lamb County, West Texas
  • Doty- Shallow Bluff Creek / Hope Discoveries
    • Jones County, North Texas
  • Anchor- 2 new discoveries in Wolfcamp (<4,000′) and Canyon (<7,000′)
    • Schleicher County, Texas
  • Kemp - 2 good shallow (< 3,000 ft.) multi-pay oil wells
    • Coleman County, Texas
  • Big Giant - 2 good shallow (< 3,000 ft.) oil wells
    • Knox County, Texas
  • S.R. Project - 1 new shallow oil (> 3,000 ft.) discovery
    • Runnels County, Texas

Check Projects available here:  Rockhound Projects for year-end acquisitions or investments.

Call or e-mail us as new Projects are being reviewed now.

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